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Unleash your leadership capacity & supercharge your team.

Full Circle Leadership is a framework for understanding project life-cycles and the diverse forms leadership takes in collaborative, emergent environments. In this four-week course, discover your leadership profile and supercharge your team's capacity.

Leadership functions differently in collaborative networks without top-down project planning and strictly defined hierarchies. Full Circle Leadership emerged from extensive practical experience in such environments.

In this course you will learn:

  • About your leadership profile and determine where you want to improve your weaknesses or further specialize in your strengths, alongside other leaders on the same journey
  • How to supercharge your team's collaborative capacity through understanding different individual leadership styles and overall team leadership balance
  • How to develop discipline in bringing projects all the way around the circle to completion, instead of skipping key steps or getting stuck in loops
  • How to enter an upward spiral through going around the circle repeatedly, building collaborative capacity each iteration
  • The confidence to bring the Full Circle Leadership model into your own organisation or community, to pass these skills on to others



Alanna Irving Better Work TogetherAlanna Irving is an experienced facilitator, entrepreneur, and community builder. She explores bossless leadership, open source org dev, cooperative governance, participatory technology, impact entrepreneurship, and collaborating with money—for a radically optimistic future. Alanna was a contributing author to the book Better Work Together and is also the Executive Director of Open Collective. To learn more about Alanna, you can visit her website here.

Alícia Trepat is a designer and facilitator of distributed leadership, community building and decentralised governance. In addition to practicing these in her own communities, she co-authored research on these topics with the Institute for the Future. Her work is focused on how self-organised teams and communities can be places for personal growth. She has spent five years working as a catalyst for organizations in social innovation, from social start-ups, to women networks, to social movements.


The Full Circle Leadership model is an accessible yet deep thinking tool and shared vocabulary for leadership capacity development in ourselves and others, and for continuous improvement of outcomes with collaborators. Full Circle Leadership works on two levels: leadership diversity and project lifecycle mapping. Each of the eight steps around the circle represents a type of leadership, with its own superpowers and shadow side. Projects flow around the circle from pre-conception through implementation.

In this course, you will create and refine your individual leadership profile, discovering and more deeply understanding your strengths and weaknesses, and use the circle to reveal the leadership balance of teams. We'll explore how to recognise and value truly diverse styles of leadership, whether they are similar or very different to our own.

Through project lifecycle mapping, you'll reflect on where past projects have excelled or fallen down, what happens if you skip critical steps, and loops you might get stuck in. By developing rigour in going all the way around the circle, you can unlock potential for effective organisational or community learning, transforming the circle into an upward spiral of increasing collective capacity.


Key information
  Dates 28/10 - 19/11
  Length  4 weeks
  Effort  2 to 4 hours per week
  Format   Weekly on Mondays, 2 hour online calls
  Times  CET 8 PM / EST 2 PM / PST 11 AM

This course will be highly interactive, based mainly on group discussions, individual and small group exercises, and putting what you learn into practice each week and reflecting on the outcomes.

Week 1 – Introduction to each other and the Full Circle model, developing your individual leadership profile
Week 2 – Leadership profiles of teams, balancing diverse leadership, introduction to shadow sides
Week 3 – Project lifecycle mapping, workshopping real examples and applying the model to your own projects
Week 4 – Extending FCL, playing with the model's further possibilities, summarising what we've learned, commitments to actions going forward

Each week between sessions you'll be asked to do an exercise and journal entry independently.


Full Circle Leadership is a tool that's accessible to learn about, yet surprisingly deep when you delve into it. FCL workshops have often inspired participants to build on the model and apply it creative ways to their own contexts. This course will be led by experienced facilitators who can help guide the next step on your leadership development journey, learning interactively alongside other leaders from diverse backgrounds. This FCL course will not require extensive reading—it's based on discussion, interactive exercises, and practical application and reflection.


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