Better Work Together

Better Work Together is a collection of real stories and tools from the front lines of the future of working together. 

Create radically collaborative, caring workplaces! In this book you will: 

  • Expand your thinking with fresh ideas for a different kind of workplace.

  • Grow your capacity to lead and innovate with new practices to adopt.
  • Discover useful processes and tools you can test in your business immediately. 

This book has been co-authored by a group of members of Enspiral - a community of entrepreneurs experimenting at the edges of ownership, governance, decision making, resource sharing, and organisational design. After nearly a decade of testing and growing ideas, we’ve collectively written this book to share vision, reflections, and insights. This is a practical resource to help you create radically collaborative, innovative, and caring workplaces where people thrive. 

Enspiral Network, Alanna Irving, Rich Bartlett, Francesca Pick, Susan Basterfield, Anthony Cabraal Communities, Network Governance