About Better Work Together



Engaged, inspired people building skills and capacity everyday.



Tools and practices to support high functioning, trusting teams.



Leaderful, innovative, compassionate organisations aligned by mission.

Changing how we work together can help change everything.

Our global society is in a time of transformation. We all we face brighter opportunities and challenges than at any other time in human history. Nowhere is this more present than in our workplaces.

Sector by sector, market by market, organisation by organisation, team by team… radical new ideas, accelerating technology and global connectivity are transforming what is possible. To thrive in this complexity and keep up with the speed of change, we need new approaches to how we work together.  


We believe the future belongs to organisations that can ask ‘how?’

The organisations that will thrive in the future will be the ones that can adapt rapidly to change and give people more power, agency and purpose. They no longer function under command-and-control, but are mission-driven networked organisations.

These organisations are wise enough to serve the communities that sustain them and fearless enough to continuously reimagine themselves. They are ready to unlearn and relearn how things can be done.


Supporting learning and development at every level

Embracing this future means we all need to build trust, distribute power and create space for new solutions to emerge. To do this well, we all need to learn and develop new critical skills and collective practices.

Better Work Together is a community-led professional learning and development platform where you can learn these skills and practice together.

Join us for facilitated online learning and be inspired with new ideas, connect with your peers and discover new tools and opportunities to build a more human future of work.


Leading edge learning, designed and led by practitioners for practitioners.

Our courses are led by practitioners and entrepreneurs who are living and breathing this work, and building their own future-focused organisations. The knowledge and practices we share have been developed and tested in various global communities over the past decade. This academy is a simple, accessible starting point for you to dive into this emerging field of work.


Small cohorts, committed timetables, learn from anywhere.

These are not mass-market ‘MOOC’ courses. Our facilitated online courses run in small cohorts, designed for connection. Committed timetables and maximum face-time with practitioners ensure you get the support and focus you need. You will learn valuable new skills, with the flexibility to join from anywhere and manage your own schedule. We have a range of offerings to suit different needs, availabilities and budgets:

1. Short workshops: a 2-4 hour taster session to glimpse a new topic and leave with a couple of practical tips and tricks.
2. Deep dives: a series of sessions to go deep into a practice or topic with a leading practitioner.
3. Multi-week intensives: to develop new skills and practices, alongside an intimate cohort of global peers and new connections.


The workplace is transforming. Are you?